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"Together We Can Make A Difference"


We understand that limited resources create gaps in the organization’s structure, and where Nonprofit Management Group proves invaluable is in our ability to fill in those gaps. Other consultants only stick around long enough to provide recommendations or advice on how to move forward, but what sets NMG apart, is our desire to work with you to put those plans and recommendations into action. 

We focus on building capacity and strengthening infrastructure

Organizational Development

At Nonprofit Management Group we live our passion everyday. We specialize in helping nonprofits navigate transitions, improve systems, enhance communication, support the development of leadership, staff, and board, reduce conflict, and advance your mission and strategic vision.  


Our goal is to build on your organization’s strengths and assist in making you more effective, more collaborative, and more adaptive.  We provide a variety of services that can be customized to fit your needs.

  • Strategic Scaling & Restructuring

  • Foundation and Nonprofit Startup Planning

  • Strategic Planning

  • Board Engagement & Governance

Org Dev

Financial Planning & Sustainability

Our goal is to guide organizations in establishing a strong foundation for growth and sustainability.  Without a strong foundation in which to build upon, you put the future and success of your organization at risk.  We believe strongly that all programs and initiatives must have funding before they are launched, especially startups.

Nonprofit Management Group is skilled in helping organizations develop plans that focus on obtaining and sustaining financial health while providing them with a clear path forward. By building capacity you allow the organization to focus on the mission and not just on survival.  Nonprofit Management Group can assist your organization with the following:

  • Capacity Building

  • Fundraising Strategy

  • Crowdfunding & Grant Writing

  • Budget Planning & Forecasting



We know how important digital marketing and communications are to nonprofit organizations.  Social media and email campaigns are a cost effective way to reach more people and connect with more potential donors.  Nonprofit Management Group can help you develop a strategy that meets your organization's current and future needs.  Whether your goal is to grow your list of stakeholders and potential donors, increase donations, solicit startup funds, or generate overall awareness of your mission, Nonprofit Management Group can make it happen.


Not only will NMG work with you to create your strategy, but we can also design the email campaigns and digital assets needed to successfully deliver your message and positively impact the bottom line.  Our services include the following:

  • Marketing Strategy 

  • Email Campaign Design & Implementation

  • Digital Asset Design

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