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"Together We Can Make A Difference"


"We are here because we want to help people.  It's that simple."  

"We are here because we want to help people.  It's that simple."  

Nonprofit Management Group is currently working with a nonprofit organization to open a homeless shelter in NYC. The organization was founded 3 years ago primarily to combat human trafficking and domestic violence through education and training, community engagement, and policy advocacy.  

When COVID-19 made its way to NYC in March of 2020, and the number of homeless people rose to unprecedented levels, our client stepped up and answered the City's call for help.  Helping people and improving communities is at the core of their mission so expanding their reach to include the homeless population was an easy decision.   Their new initiative provides emergency shelter to address the immediate need for housing the homeless during COVID-19 and in 6 months will transition into a safe haven shelter that will provide additional support services to the residents.  


Nonprofit Management Group is an expert in management consulting and has extensive experience, not only with building startup programs, but also working with the homeless population.  For those reasons we were hired to create and launch this new initiative for our client.  We started with key foundational elements like establishing the strategic vision and plan for the program, determining the organizational management structure, budget creation, and fundraising strategy. Securing a $4M grant allowed us to continue moving the project forward, developing policies and procedures, determining operational and administrative standards, creating security plans and identifying and hiring staff.  We are also using our design and marketing experience to launch crowdfunding and email marketing campaigns to raise additional operating funds. The work is ongoing, but the shelter is slated to open in March of 2021.  

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We know how important digital marketing and communications are to nonprofit organizations.  Social media and email campaigns are a cost effective way to reach more people and connect with more potential donors.  Nonprofit Management Group can help you develop a strategy that meets your organization's current and future needs.  A well-placed email marketing campaign can have a positive impact on many areas of the organization.  

  • Generate awareness about the overall mission or a specific program / initiative

  • Increase online donations 

  • Drive traffic to the website 

  • Targeted campaigns can increase funding for smaller program needs

  • Cultivate donor relationships

  • Grow donor and stakeholder lists

Below are a few examples of the social media posts and targeted email campaigns that Nonprofit Management Group has designed for clients and partners.

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