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Jen Darley Consulting and Nonprofit Management Group our both owned and operated by Jen Darley.  While the Nonprofit Management Group allows Jen to focus solely on nonprofit organizations, JDC covers her work within the public, private and government sectors.  Jen’s passion for helping others and her ability to inspire change are at the core of both company missions. 


As a survivor-led 501(C)3 organization, NOMW’s mission is to combat human trafficking and domestic violence through education and training, community and policy advocacy, providing resources and housing for victims and survivors, and shelter for the homeless.

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Wonder Girls is an after-school program for female high school students with a mission to build confidence, leadership, community, and the necessary business skills to succeed no matter what educational or career path they may choose.

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We teach ambitious female entrepreneurs how to grow their businesses online.  Founded by 2 female entrepreneurs who built multiple 7 figure businesses online, we believe you can increase your profits + scale your modern day digital business with the correct coaching, support and accountability.

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Dr. Coralanne Griffith Hunte's organization works with families, business owners, community leaders and elected officials to build better lives, better businesses and better communities. 

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Yudy Veras Bueno, is a renowned Life Transformation Coach & Self-Love Expert, best-selling author and motivational speaker.    Through her award-winning transformative coaching program, Yudy inspires and empowers her clients to overcome their fears of self-doubt and self-imposed suffering.

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